InfraCo Asia has the flexibility to work across a wide range of infrastructure sectors:

Energy & Power


Power generation, transmission and distribution projects, including rural electrification.  Typical projects will be environmentally responsible and economically feasible including gas-fired and different forms of renewable energy supplies.

Water & Waste Management


Water and waste management services, in the areas of urban/rural fresh water production and treatment, supply and distribution, sanitation, solid waste disposal/collection and waste treatment plants, as well as bulk water supply.



Transport infrastructure services in the form of fixed and moveable transport infrastructure and services including roads, bridges, tunnels, rails systems and services, airports, bus lines, ports and harbours.



Agriculture-supporting infrastructure, including storage, basic processing facilities and irrigation services.

Other sectors

  • Bulk Storage/Logistics Facilities

  • Telecommunications

  • Gas transportation, distribution and storage

  • Oil transportation, distribution, storage (excluding export projects)

  • Mining and Upstream Oil & Gas: but only where investment expands the provision of infrastructure and associated services and where the owner agrees to allow third party use of the assets.

  • Urban infrastructure: the provision of economic and social infrastructure within towns and cities (including low cost housing).

  • Other activities that impact positively on the development of the relevant country’s basic infrastructure and promote the objectives of InfraCo Asia. Such activities may include the infrastructure component of industrial, agro-tourism or agro-industrial projects.