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- English - The Voice of Renewables, Vietnam Coc San hydropower plant opens and online; The Voice of Renewables, Coc San hpp in Vietnam soon to supply power to 130,000 people; VietNam News, Coc San Power Plant opens and online; Nhandan News, FDI hydropower plant inaugurated in Lao Cai and online

- Vietnamese [copy in Vietnamese] - Newspaper of Industry and TradeLao Cai has added 29.7 MW hydropower; Business Forum, New hydro plant operations to reduce electricity buying from China; BNews VietnamCoc San hydroelectric generators will be officially opened on April 8/6; Invest Online, Coc San hydropower plant officially opened and online; Vietnam Plus, Coc San hydroelectricity generators will open oficially on 8 June and online; Voice of Vietnam, Inauguration of the Coc San Hydropower Plant in Lao Cai and online; Lao Cai, Coc San hydropower oficially put into operation and online.

- Central Television News (VNA) Coc San Hydropower Project officially open