Thank you for your Interest

Thank you for your interest and registering with InfraCo Asia Investments Pte. Ltd. (“IAI”). Please download the file from the link provided below. The file needs to be downloaded right away, otherwise to gain access to link again you will need to register again.

File Download Link

The link contains a zip file which has the following files:

  1. IAI_Call for Proposals: Document containing the information on the intent behind the Call for Proposal, IAI’s investment criteria and submission instructions
  2. IAI_Project Application Document: Template document for providing the required project information for submission to IAI
  3. IAI Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Please sign the NDA as this will safeguard your information.

There is no deadline for submission of the Proposal. Please submit the proposal once the the template  document has been filled with the required information. IAI will consider the proposals on a first come first basis.

If you have any queries or require any clarifications, please contact IAI by email at-

We look forward to receiving your proposal

Disclaimer: All registered parties should note that InfraCo Asia Investments Pte. Ltd. is under no obligation whatsoever to award any contract or undertake any legal obligations or relations in respect of any submission by a party and reserves the right to modify or amend any parts of the call for proposals process generally in any manner as InfraCo Asia Investments Pte. Ltd.  considers desirable in its absolute discretion.  InfraCo Asia Investments Pte. Ltd.  reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without prior notice or assigning any reason therefore, to terminate the call for proposals process at any time.