India Grain Market Project



Agriculture continues to be the backbone of the Indian economy and the lifeline for the majority of its
population, supporting 65% of the country’s population. /Project Description/Jan2017_IndiaGrainMandiHowever, a number of issues across the post-harvest value chain, including procurement, pricing, storage, processing, impact the degree of value creation in the agri economy. The mechanised grain market (or "mandi") project aims to provide solutions to these issues with a series of private agriculture market and storage facilities with the aim of putting more power and earnings into the hands of farmers.

The Project

The project represents a revolutionary approach to the operation of grain markets in India. The integrated market concept is designed to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of handling, storage, trading and distribution of grains once delivered to the market place by farmers.

The project will initially be established at several locations in the underdeveloped Indian state of Rajasthan. Each of the facilities will comprise modern, automated infrastructure for a mandi and warehouse as well as adequate commercial and retail facilities to foster the ecosystem. The mandi will have automated grading, sorting and bagging units for grain. The warehouse will be a unique rack supported, ambient control warehouse with automated storage and retrieval processes. The capacity of the mandi and warehouse will be 1000MT/day and 20,000MT respectively.