Myanmar gas power project


For many rural communities in Myanmar, lack of development is a barrier to attaining improved employment and education outcomes. Many residents are subsistence farmers, struggling to secure a sustainable wage to support their families.  /Project Description/Jan2017_V2_MyanmarYaeniGasPower shortages are a major obstacle to the establishment or expansion of industry. The current electrification rate in Myanmar is still approximately 35%. 

For many people, relocation to Myanmar’s major cities, Yangon and Mandalay is a common recourse, with no guarantee of attaining a better standard of living. 

The Project

Infra Capital Myanmar, InfraCo Asia’s Myanmar developer team, proposes to develop and invest in a gas-powered electricity project in the country’s Yae Ni, Bago Region. The project will provide power to existing factories in an industrial zone along with supplying power to the national grid. This project will help develop the economy of the surrounding areas by providing stable and affordable electricity into the national grid. Through access to a quality, reliable source of electricity, local industrial zones and manufacturing capacity will expand, with new facilities creating increased jobs and wages, resulting in economic growth. Communities within the project area and surrounding neighbourhoods will be supported to develop diversified sustainable industries, mitigating the common trend of ‘urban flight to urban centres.