Myanmar rural electrification services


As the pace of development quickens in Myanmar, there is a rapidly growing need for mobile coverage and penetration within its telecommunications industry. To date, Mobile Network Operators in Myanmar have had to rely on pollution-heavy diesel-based power sources to power up their network.

With a total displacement potential of 440,000 litres of diesel, 889 tons of CO2 per year and noisy/inefficient generators that run 24/7, there is therefore a pressing need to grow the market for green power technology providers with alternative power solutions. /Project Description/Jan2017_MyanmarTelcoEscoDespite the strides made in the telecommunications sector, much of Myanmar still remains unelectrified with the majority of the country isolated from development, due to the lack of access of stable electricity. 

The Project

InfraCo Asia, through its Myanmar developer team, aims to supply the power required to operate telecommunications tower assets in Myanmar, employing a proven Energy Services (ESCO) business model.  Importantly, it will strive to provide added value to the sector by improving the existing design of the power system to incorporate renewable energy generation option for improved energy efficiency and cost savings. This project will utilise a hybrid technology system consisting of diesel generators, batteries and solar.

In addition, it will seek to provide access to social infrastructure such as power mobile medical clinics, community schools, and community centres, together with the power generation infrastructure. In so doing, the project will also provide electricity to communities that may not have a stable connection to the main power grid, enabling growth and economic development in these areas.