Nepal Hydro Power Projects



Only about 40% of the population of Nepal has reliable access to electricity. The country faces a large shortfall in generation capacity and only 50% of peak demand is met.  /Project Description/Jan2017_NepalHydroThrough a joint venture company, InfraCo Asia and its Nepalese partner, Butwal Power Company, have interests in a pipeline of hydro power plants.  When completed, these projects will have a significant impact on Nepal's ability to provide reliable, sustainable energy to its people.  

The Projects

Nepal's annual electricity supply of 3851 GWh is far short of demand, resulting in load-shedding and routine power outages of up to 14 hours/day in Kathmandu. InfraCo Asia’s Nepal Hydro Power Project aims to help alleviate Nepal’s power shortage. InfraCo Asia is working with local partner, Butwal Power Company (BPC), to develop the project pipeline via Gurans Energy Limited (GEL), the first of its kind holding company in the power sector in Nepal with a foreign partner. The first project, Kabeli A, is a 37.6MW peaking run-of-river hydro power plant of estimated capacity factor of 60%