Pakistan Wind Power Projects



As a politically fragile state, few international investors /Project Description/Jan2017_PakistanWindare capable of managing the risks for capital intensive infrastructure projects. However, Pakistan is in critical need of investment in infrastructure in general, and in renewable energy in particular. InfraCo Asia is uniquely well positioned to apply its development expertise and resources to demonstrate the viability of infrastructure investments in Pakistan.

The Projects

The power capacity shortfall in Pakistan is more than 5,000 MW – about one-third of the total demand on the system.  Load shedding is persistent, with the public being forced to stay without power for more than 9 to 10 hours per day in some cities and around 16 to 18 hours per day in many rural areas. Shortage of electricity has also affected industry and businesses; recent studies estimate that the country has been losing 2-3% of its GDP due to power shortages.

Beyond the direct benefit of clean and reliable power generation, the Gul Ahmed Wind and Metro Power projects also have other strong economic justifications. Developed in tandem, each project will be 50MW in capacity. InfraCo Asia brings strong international infrastructure project development expertise, while its partners provide strong local power sector expertise and networks.