Philippines hydro power


In spite of the Philippines growing at an impressive rate, the rural and remote areas are being left behind. /Project Description/Philippines1Generation capacity in the Philippines, and especially in North Luzon is weak.  Power cuts are a common problem that impact businesses, schools, homes and healthcare centres.  The Philippine Department of Energy estimates the country’s hydropower resource potential could reach 13,000MW but the challenge lies in tapping into this. 

The Project

This portfolio of six mini hydro projects in North Luzon will add an aggregate capacity of approximately 35MW to the regional grid.  It will provide a crucial new source of electricity generation while bolstering grid capacity there. By improving power supply, the project will stimulate local economic growth, help uplift the communities where these plants are located and support sustainable development. Livelihood enhancement, environmental education and community health programs will accompany the project development process.  Furthermore, it will also demonstrate a sustainable pathway towards developing and financing similar infrastructure projects in the country’s rural areas with private sector participation.