Sri Lanka Kotte Waste to Energy Project



It is well known that that keeping the lights on adds to political and economic stability, which is necessary to heal the wounds of Sri Lanka’s decades long civil war. The Kotte Waste to Energy (WtE) Project will /Project Description/Jan2017_SriLankaintroduce best-in-class waste disposal technology to Sri Lanka while also delivering critically needed capacity to the country’s power grid. In doing so, the project will catalyse future projects and contribute to a healthier environment and stronger economic foundation for the country’s future.

The Project

Disposal of solid waste is a priority environmental issue in Sri Lanka and at present it has become a national concern. A large portion of the current waste stream finds its way into land and water bodies without proper treatment, causing severe water pollution. It also emits greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, adding to air pollution.

The city of Colombo alone generates approximately 0.438 million tonnes of municipal solid waste per annum. With capacity to handle upto 580 metric tons per day, the project has the potential to process roughly half of Colombo’s entire waste generation. The project will also provide much needed capacity to Sri Lanka’s power grid. The energy produced by the project could supply around 30,000 households at current average usage in Sri Lanka.