Vietnam Coc San Hydro Power Project



/Project Description/Vietnam2Located in Vietnam’s far north, on the border with China’s Yunnan Province, InfraCo Asia’s Coc San Hydro Power project adds 29.7 MW of new, clean capacity to the region’s stressed power grid. Generation of peaking power by this run of-river project further adds to the stability of the grid in this part of the country. The project provides more than 100 GWh of renewable energy per annum and reduces carbon emissions by about 76,000 tonnes per annum.

The Project

The Coc San Hydro Power project is located in the Dum River Valley, tributary of Hong (Red) River, in Lao Cai province of Vietnam. Studies of supply and demand in the Lao Cai area show there will be shortfall in generation capacity until 2020 when peak demand will be 512MW. Presently power capacity in the area consists of 84MW of hydro power that is operating and 225MW that is under construction. To fill the gap, the local grid operator is importing high price power from China. InfraCo Asia’s participation has enabled the project to be developed despite Vietnam’s current economic challenges. The Coc San Hydropower Project became operational on 29 April 2016.

Download the Coc San Hydropower Project Fact Sheet.