Are you a Developer seeking funding for an infrastructure project in South or Southeast Asia?

InfraCo Asia’s expertise lies in the development of early-stage infrastructure concepts into sustainable and transformative projects.

We provide funding support to prepare projects for construction and commercial operations, and to attract later stage project financing.

As part of the Private Infrastructure Development Group of companies, InfraCo Asia also provides technical assistance and complete lifecycle financing.

What We Offer

Development stage capital

Project preparation support, including technical, financial, as well as health, safety, environmental and social (HSES)

Debt or equity financing for construction

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Funding Criteria

InfraCo Asia employs the following criteria in identifying suitable projects for funding.

Mandated countries

We fill market gaps in parts of the world where it is thought to be impossible; we provide equal opportunity in our activities and we prize diversity within our own organisation.

Development impact

We deliver We take ownership when things do not go as planned we lead with high ethics and environmental social and governance standards. This includes the impact of our work on local communities and the environment.


We insist on a safety mindset and culture delivered through practical locally relevant solutions because it is a matter of life or death.

Commercial viability

We are honest and transparent because it builds mutual trust and respect with all stakeholders.

Minimum project size

We have a strong positive and tangible effect on peoples lives.

Funding Application

If you are a Developer seeking funding and your project complies with the above funding criteria, or you would like more information, please fill in our self-assessment form.

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