How InfraCo Asia Works: Three Things to Know
Through its project development and financing expertise, InfraCo Asia catalyses private sector investment in sustainable infrastructure projects in South and South East Asia. We de-risk projects that otherwise wouldn’t get off the ground, creating commercially viable infrastructure projects in the places that need them most.
Our model is unique. Here are the three aspects that define the way we work.
1. De-Risking
InfraCo Asia de-risks early stage infrastructure projects
InfraCo Asia funds pre-financial-close, early stage infrastructure development activities by taking an equity stake in high-risk projects. We step in where the private sector is initially unable or unwilling to invest. We mitigate risks at the beginning of the project, creating fresh opportunities for private sector participation.
2. Selection Criteria
We base our project selection criteria on three core pillars.
Regardless of whether projects originate through a developer program or InfraCo Asia’s internal sources, everything we engage with fits into three selection criteria:
3. Developer Programs
InfraCo Asia’s Developer Programmes help us to deliver our mandate.
InfraCo Asia’s Co-Development Programme and Developer Services Programme are complementary to one another.
Through the Co-Development Programme, InfraCo Asia invests in third-party projects to provide development expertise and pre-financial-close capital in projects that meet our criteria.
In the Co-Development Programme, third-party developers take a majority or 50% stake and lead project development. InfraCo Asia provides early-stage risk capital, capped at 50% of development costs.
Additionally, InfraCo Asia provides the leadership and corporate governance needed to bring projects from development stage to financial close. In return for funding and assistance, InfraCo Asia has the right to an equity stake in projects, board positions, and exit with a return on its investments.
The Developer Services Programme includes project origination, pre-financial-close development, EPC management and financial structuring activities. It leverages three teams of contracted project developers who provide developer services for specific geographies: Equicap Asia for South Asia; Infunde Development for South East Asia (excluding Myanmar); and Infra Capital Myanmar for Myanmar.
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