Allard M. Nooy, CEO of InfraCo Asia, presented a paper and moderated an interactive panel discussion at the Tomson Reuters / ALB South East Asia Project Finance Conference in Singapore on 10 September 2014. During his presentation Allard highlighted

  • Infrastructure investment and financing volumes in 2013 vs. 2014;
  • Investment in energy, infrastructure and resources;
  • Private financing for energy and infrastructure investment;
  • Financing volumes for renewables pulling ahead of conventional volumes;
  • The UN Climate Change Conference in 2015 – governments looking for evidence that renewables can attract capital;
  • Government activity in infrastructure procurement;
  • Financing in energy, transport and other infrastructure and the changing economic and demographic requirements;
  • Reforms and fostering private sector investments in key infrastructure sectors;
  • Enabling legislation;

  • Relatively small pool of commercial banks active in the international project finance arena;
  • The adaption to multi-source financing plans: accessing export credit agencies, multilateral agencies, development banks, and of course local and regional commercial banks;
  • Demand for quality long term-assets (by pension funds, life insurance companies, other institutional or hold-to-maturity investors);
  • Governments in Asia understanding the need to improve infrastructure;
  • Level of private sector involvement in the delivery of infrastructure across Asia;
  • PPP delivery framework;
  • Lack of a sufficient pipeline of properly prepared projects, refinement of procurement practices and better coordination across stakeholders;
  • Assessing and mitigating counterparty risk at both the country and private levels and sovereign risk.

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