Cambodia Mango Processing Facility

The first commercial-scale mango export business in Cambodia that will utilise mangoes produced by and purchased from smallholder farmers.


The majority of fresh mangoes from Cambodia are currently exported unwashed and unpacked to other markets via intermediary traders from Vietnam and Thailand. Often, these mangoes are incorrectly labelled as products of the intermediary countries that the fruit passes through before reaching its final destination. This flawed system prevents Cambodian farmers capturing significant value from their mango crops because they cannot directly access international markets.

The Cambodia Mango Processing Facility project will benefit local farmers by providing a consistent outlet for sale of mangoes. With time, the project could become a platform on which to build a national brand for the fruit that would be recognised globally – driving higher demand and perceived quality, and ultimately increasing export prices.

The Project

The Cambodia Mango Processing Facility project will be the first commercial-scale mango export plant that operates without plantation ownership, decreasing the investment hurdles of capital, skills, and experience. Additionally, the facility will have a positive impact on the sustainable development of rural areas and the overall level of food safety.

Sourcing the bulk of its raw materials directly from smallholder and medium farmers, growers who are a part of the facility’s ecosystem will benefit from strong stakeholder roles and opportunities to increase their revenues. In this way, the facility will serve as a highly additional new market entrant, serving as a platform for locally based growth and employment.

All grades of mangoes will be purchased by the processing facility. Mangoes will be brought to the facility in Kampong Speu, where they will be packed and processed into saleable products, and then exported to global markets. The export of high-grade fresh mangoes will be pursued from the outset of operations, and other processing activities — including dried and pureed applications — will be considered as future, secondary lines of business.

The Cambodia Mango Processing Facility will also have a positive impact on local job availability: During construction, more than 200 short-term employment opportunities will be created, and 40 long-term jobs are expected to be in place once the facility is in operation.

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Project Overview
Angkor Harvest Co. Ltd.
Kampong Speu Province
The processing facility will have an intake capacity of approximately 28,000 tons of mangoes annually.
Under active development
  • Project approved and JIDA executed in March 2018
Total Project Cost
$9.8M (for initial phase)
Funding Committed
IAI Investment
Other Shareholder(s)
Seasonfresh Co. Ltd.
  • Legal advice (Cambodia)
  • Legal advice (Thailand)
  • Mango market study (USA)
  • Engineering design of processing plant (Singapore)
Development Impact

772 farmer households, or approximately 3,650 people, will engage with and benefit from the mango processing facility.

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