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InfraCo Asia was established in 2010. Since then, we have successfully developed 12 projects through to Financial Close, of which we have fully exited 6 projects. InfraCo Asia currently has 9 projects under development, 4 projects under construction and 4 operational assets.

We fund pre-financial-close, early stage infrastructure development activities by taking an equity stake in high-risk projects. We step in where the private sector is initially unable or unwilling to invest. We mitigate risks at the beginning of the project, creating fresh opportunities for private sector participation.

We seek to exit a project once the sufficient investment has been mobilised or an alternative source of financing has been secured: this may mean topping up or retaining early-stage risk capital through construction and during initial operations.

To date, we have fully exited 6 projects, and the proceeds are being reinvested into new projects in South and South East Asia.


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in private sector capital mobilised

InfraCo Asia serves as a catalyst for sustainable infrastructure in South and Southeast Asia, delivering pioneering projects that have created a lasting positive impact on people, planet and economies.

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InfraCo Asia funds infrastructure development in South and Southeast Asia.

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