Developing a commercially viable model of rural electrification, for implementation at scale and across off-grid communities in the Philippines


The Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands, many of which lie in hard-to-access regions where the provision of electricity via grid extension is not viable.

Through the Philippines Smart Solar Network project, InfraCo Asia aims to establish a commercially viable model of rural electrification in the Philippines, to stimulate greater private sector investment in the sector.

The project works in partnership with the local community to install, operate and maintain smart solar network systems that will generate and distribute electricity to households, small businesses, and community centres in off-grid communities, many of which will be receiving first-time, affordable, reliable, and 24/7 access to clean energy.

The Project

The Philippines Smart Solar Network project is developed through the installation of smart grid controllers in combination with off-the-shelf solar and battery storage components.

The pilot phase of the project involved the installation of a smart solar network in San Isidro, Busuanga, Palawan, which currently provides energy to 62 households. The pilot commenced operations in Q3 2019 and serves to demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of the rural electrification model.

Phase 1
Development and installation of the pilot was led by InfraCo Asia’s contracted developer, Infunde Development, with the support of AIEC-ILAW – a joint venture of the Association of Isolated Electric Cooperatives Missionary Green Energy Corporation (AIEC-MGEC) and Island Light and Water Energy Development Corp. (ILAW).

Phase 2
With the successful implementation of the pilot project in Q3 2019,
InfraCo Asia and AIEC-ILAW
entered into a joint agreement for the Phase 2 Lubang Island expansion. This involved an expansion of AC projects in three sites within Looc, Philippines (Bulacan, Tabao and Tambo). This expansion will provide a smart solar network that looks to serve approximately 4,000 households 

Phase 3
InfraCo Asia and AIEC-ILAW will look at developing a pipeline of potential sites translating to approx. 200,000 households to be connected, and for which capital will be raised. 


Our Impact

Impact on people: the project provides affordable electricity to households and small businesses in off-grid areas. With the DC Smart Solar System, customers pay as little as US$0.16/day (average of US$0.72/kWh for the different energy packages) providing basic service to those who need it most.

Impact on planet: the project contributes to reduce fossil fuel consumption used in diesel gensets by replacing then with solar energy, thereby reducing GHG emissions.

people with improved quality of service
short-term jobs
long-term jobs


Philippines Smart Solar Pte Ltd
Island Hybrid Power Co

Total Project Cost

US$ 200M




Phase 1
Busuanga, Palawan

Phase 2
Lubang Island


Phase 1
JIDA signed in Q1 2020

Phase 2
Financial Close in Q3 2020

Phase 3
Under discussion


Power and energy (Solar Energy)

InfraCo Asia Funding Committed

US$ 5.7M

Other PIDG Funding Committed


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